libZPlay documentation (Win32)
Wave buffer

Change size of playing wave buffer.

ZPlay class will always try to have enough data decoded and ready to play. These data are decoded into wave buffer. 

Default value is 500 milliseconds. In this case ZPlay class will always try to have enough decoded data to play next 500 ms without decoding new data. 

Note: Minimal size of wave buffer is 100 milliseconds. 

Wave buffer size can be 0.  

If you set wave buffer size to 0, ZPlay class will not open wave output and there will be no playing. But you can use callback mechanism to retrieve decoded audio data and play this data by yourself, or save this data into file. If you don't need to play data to soundcard, set wave buffer size to 0.



If wave buffer is too small, there can be problem with playing if your processor can't provide enough decoded data all the time. If this value is too large, you will notice delay when you apply (enable, disable) sound effects (equalizer, echo, pitch ...).

If you need smaller delay and faster response of sound effects, lower wave buffer size. When you change some parameter of sound effect, responce will be faster if wave buffer is smaller. But there is danger of buffer underrun if wave buffer is too small and you processor is too busy with other jobs. 


To change wave buffer size use sidWaveBufferSize with:  



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