libZPlay documentation (Win32)

Recording with libZPlay library.

First, you can select input device (soundcard). If you have only one soundcard you can skip this because you have no choice. You will use default soundcard. 


Then you need to open source line. You can choose recording line from recording mixer (Line-in, Microphone, CD Audio, ...). Or you can leave current settings. 

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can't select source line using libZPlay library. Use mixer window to select source line by yourself.

After you open source line, select output file and encoding format. If you don't select output file, recording samples will be sent to soundcard output. If you select output file, samples will be encoded and saved into specified disk file. 

Each opening function will cancel output to file and set output to soundcard. So, if you need oputput to disk file, you must select output file after you open source line.

And now we are ready to record some samples to disk file. All you need to do is to start playing (recording)

Library will take samples from select input device (soundcard) using open source line and encode/save these samples into select output file. When you stop playing/recording, output file will be closed and you can use this new created file. 

Stop function will close output file. If you start recording again using existing output file, you will overwrite existing file.


Select input device for recording. 
Open wave-in. 
Set wave-output to disk file. 
Recording controls. 
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