libZPlay documentation (Win32)
Set wave out file

Set wave-output to disk file.

Default library behavior is to play decoded samples to soundcard. Furthermore, you can choose wave-output device, (if you have more soundcards). 

Using callbak mechanism you can intercept decoded PCM wave samples and save these samples to file or something else ... 


But there is another option.

You can set wave-output to disk file. 

Furthermore, you can even encode PCM samples to specified format (mp3, ogg, flac, aac, wav). This option enables you to transcode one format to another. For example, open some mp3 file, set wave-output to some disk file and specify ogg encoding format. This will decode mp3 into PCM samples, then encode PCM samples to ogg stream, and save this ogg stream into specified file. 


To specify output file use:  


Another libZPlay library feature enables you to record sounds from microphone or line-in input on your soundcard. You can open wave-in for recording, set wave-output file and record (encode) data from microphone, or another soundcard input port, into specified file. 


Every opening function will cancel disk output and set output to soundcard. Therefore, you must set wave output to disk file after each opening function.



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