libZPlay documentation (Win32)
ID3 info

Get ID3 info from stream.

Stream can contain tag info, like ID3 tag, VORBIS comment, ... This depends on stream format. Check supported formats for info tag support. 

libZPlay library implements "ID3 tag" interface to different info tags (VORBIS comment, RIFF Info, ...). So, you can retrieve ID3 informations from different streams (mp3, ogg, flac, wav) because library will convert "format specific tag" to ID3 tag info. 

Library version 2.00 and above include extended ID3 info. 

ID3v2 and VORBIS comment can include attached image. You can access this image to save picture to disk or draw picture on screen. Use extended ID3 functions.

To get ID3 info use: 



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