libZPlay documentation (Win32)
ZPlay.PushDataToStream Method

Push new data to dynamic stream.

public bool PushDataToStream(ref byte[] MemNewData, uint NewDatSize);
ref byte[] MemNewData 
Reference to a memory block with stream data. 
uint NewDatSize 
Size of memory block, in bytes. If this value is 0, end marker is added to stream. 
Return Values 
All OK. 
Error. To get error message read here

This function only works on dynamic stream. If you try to push data into static stream, this function will fail. 

If stream is buffered stream, this function makes copy of input data into internal buffer. Interface instance is responsible for this internal data and user can destroy original source buffer pointed by MemNewData

If stream is not buffered, function takes only pointer to input data and user is responsible for data pointed by MemNewData pointer. 

If MemNewData is 0, end marker is added to stream. This indicates that there will be no more data for stream. If you add end marker to stream, when stream runs out of data, playing will be stopped and stream will not wait for new data. If there is no end marker added to stream, when stream runs out of data, playing is paused and stream is waiting for new data. 


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