libZPlay documentation (Win32)
ZPlay Class

Visual Basic .NET Class interface for libZPlay library.

Visual Basic
Public Class ZPlay

This is VB.NET class wrapper for libzplay.dll library. Each method of this class is wrapper for one of C Style functions exported from libzplay.dll library. 

ZPlay VB.NET Class must have access to libzplay.dll to function properly.

All you need to do is to create instance of ZPlay class. Interaction with this class is implemented through class methods


How to use VB.NET interface
  • add libZPlay.vb to your project
  • include libZplay namespace
  • create instance of ZPlay class
  • use ZPlay methods to play music
'' add libZPlay.vb to your project
'' ...

'' include libZPlay namespace
Imports libZPlay

'' ...

'' create ZPlay class
Private player As ZPlay
player = New ZPlay()

'' open file and play
player.OpenFile("myFile.mp3", TStreamFormat.sfAutodetect)
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