libZPlay documentation (Win32)
ZPlay.LoadFileID3Ex Method

Load extended ID3 data from specified file. Only in version 2.00 and above.

Visual Basic
Public Function LoadFileID3Ex(ByVal FileName As String, ByVal Format As TStreamFormat, ByRef Info As TID3InfoEx, ByVal fDecodePicture As Boolean) As Boolean
ByVal FileName As String 
String that specifies the name of the file. 
ByVal Format As TStreamFormat 
Stream format. Use sfAutodetect if you need to autodetect stream format of specified file. 
ByRef Info As TID3InfoEx 
Reference to TID3InfoEx receiving extended ID3 data. 
ByVal fDecodePicture As Boolean 
Set to true to decode attached picture. See Remarks section. 
Return Values 
All OK. 
Error. To get error message read here

Check supported formats for info tag support. Some formats can support some sort of "Info tags", but not all. 

libZPlay library implements "ID3 tag" interface to different info tags (VORBIS comment, RIFF Info, ...). So, you can retrieve ID3 informations from different streams (mp3, ogg, flac, wav) because library will convert "format specific tag" to ID3 tag info. 

This function can retrieve attached picture from info tag. If you need to draw this picture on screen, set fDecodeEmbededPicture parameter to true to decode attached picture into Bitmap class. See TID3Picture.

Use this function if you just need ID3 data and you don't need to play this file. This function only loads ID3 data. There is no checking if this is valid file, wave output isn't open ... This function has no effect on currently open file or stream.


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