libZPlay documentation (Win32)
ZPlay.ReverseMode Method

Enable or disable reverse mode.

Visual Basic
Public Function ReverseMode(ByVal Enable As Boolean) As Boolean
ByVal Enable As Boolean 
True enables reverse mode, false disables reverse mode and restore normal mode. 
Return Values 
All OK. 
Error. To get error message read here

By enabling reverse mode song will play backward. Backward playing algorithm is efficient. There is no large memory allocation, no predecoding of whole file, no temporary disk file, .... This is true backward playing, backward decoding. 

Note: You can enable or disable reverse mode while song is playing. Just switch reverse mode on and off. 

This function will not stop playing. If song is playing and you enters reverse mode, song will continue playing backward to 0 position. Position indicator will also display real position. 

Note: In reverse mode, position indicator displays real position, it goes backward. 

Note: You can't play backward from 0 position. So, you need to seek away from song beginning and then play backward. 

Warning: You can't use this function on dynamic stream.  

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